Embrace yourself with this word picture…


“have faith that the universe is ultimately friendly
tell the truth as best I know it
have compassion for myself
have harmony with others
have unity as world view
have joy in the Mystery
have awe in diversity
give every ‘Other’ encountered an awesome smile for the miracle it is
become centered in loving so little disturbs my peace
honor my intellect as Mind promotes understanding
trust my HeArt as it embraces acceptance
create, promote and allow optimism
follow my bliss
'be' as much or more than 'do'
pursue my fullest potential
believe the best of myself
keep my shadow in view
never miss an opportunity to be decent
model honor and show respect in all matters
share with each person in a spirit of abundance
forgive myself and others for miss-takes of the past
see and say to others all the beauty that I see in them
be as enthusiastic about the success of others as my own
move with the possibilities of today, each moment therein...
remain ever open to outcome as more is always being revealed
focus on gratitude so anger, sadness, fear and hurt are opportunity for happiness
pray every time that I breathe
be all that I can be..."

Thomas Merton Brightman, Elder and Mentor, January 2000

“I felt it shelter to speak to you…” --Emily Dickinson